2 Bedroom

Two Bedroom

Our two bedroom granny flats are designed to make the best possible use of the backyard. They are much more spacious and can also be customised to offer the occupants ample space and privacy. At Granny Flats Perth, we focus on creating ample privacy and separation between your granny flat and the main dwelling. There isn't a single company in Perth that takes so much diligence and care when it comes to building granny flats that are in total harmony with the already existing property. We highly focus on custom designing, properly siting and building a quality granny flat which works for you. We offer a wide variety of 2 bedroom design configurations which can be totally customised to perfectly suit your property; this can include changing internal room sizes, door and window locations, and even changing the roofing style. Each one of our two bedroom designs does not only look, but also feels like a fully appointed project house. This is because we provide top quality inclusions all throughout the granny flat, and design great rooms which are both modern and ergonomic.